Welcome to the Virtual Hampson Museum, featuring 440 digital objects from collections at Hampson Archeological Museum State Park in Wilson, Arkansas. The museum houses an extraordinary collection of Native American objects, most notably whole ceramic pottery vessels from the Nodena village and other surrounding sites occupied approximately 350-600 years ago. For more on the Nodena site and culture or to read more about Dr. Hampson and early site excavations please visit the About section.

The virtual museum brings Native American history and objects from the Hampson collection to a wider audience using 3D scanning and digital visualization technology. The Gallery features 3D digital objects, with photos and descriptions provided by Bob Mainfort of the Arkansas Archeological Survey, while detailed renderings from a 3D digital recreation of the Upper Nodena village site provide a sense of what the village may have looked like. An in-depth discussion of key decisions and historic materials that were used to create the visualization is also provided. Explore the Virtual Hampson Museum and to learn more, visit Hampson Archeological Museum State Park!